What is DDoS and how does it work?

Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are attempts to make resources unavailable to their intended users. DDoS attacks often put web servers or entire networks out of commission. In a DDoS attack a web site or even an entire network is attacked all at once by multiple computers. As a rule DDoS attacks attempt to overload the access link, the firewall resources and/or the web and database servers.

Anti-DDoS protection by HostingFuze Network

How our Anti-DDos protects your sites

Our Anti-DDoS solution effectively protect your business against DDoS attacks and makes solid firewall between your site (or server) and whatever remains of the web. All movement to your site (or server) should first pass through our branded DDoS protected proxy before it is sent on. Once an attack is detected by the anti-DDoS programme, you immediately receive an email with all the important information. First the email informs you that an attack took place and was detected, and then you are notified which IP address was attacked. This guarantees that just clean traffic achieves its proposed end of the line.

Fastest Detection & Mitigation

HFN Anti-DDOS is designed to be always on, as soon as detected DDOS Pattern, the defence will automatically kick-in. Your CLOUDLET IP does not need to be blacklist, but dirty traffic will be scrubbed by our scrubbig center. Only clean traffic pass through to your server.

DDOS Protection up to 1Tbps

HFN defence up to 1Tbps International Attack, with scrubbing center located at  Romania/Europe

Multi-Layered Protection

We offer layer 3-7 ddos. By default, the mode sensor is activated. For always mode protection, contact technical support!

Cost-Effective DDoS Protection

HFN, provides ddos ​​protection for all types of services, free in sensor mode. For always mode it is billed with $10/mo for each IP protected address! Get Free Anti-DDoS

Instant Deployment

Depolyment of HFN is instant, as long as you successfully make payment, it will automatically deployed and Anti-DDOS features will be automatically configured too.