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Our Infrastructure

resell-hosting infrastructureHostingFuze Network has strived to build its own infrastructure at our Tier IV datacenter. We use high technology servers such as Dell and HP blade enclosures equipped with the latest blade servers. We believe in healthy and real technology equals to better stability and efficiency of a business or personal hosted solutions. HostingFuze Network also carriers the latest in hard drives (SAS/SATA 10KRPM) and San storage for fast data delivery. Our network uses the best in switches such as Cisco. Not only does our infrastructure is build tough but it is secured and goes through monthly maintenance to assure high performance.

Data Center Technology

Our datacenter offers these enhancements for customers with particularly demanding applications:

  • Dual-powered Equipments and Multiple Uplinks
  • Multiple Independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment
  • All IT equipment must be dual-powered and fully compatible with the topology of a site’s architecture
  • Concurrently maintainale site infrastructure with expected availability of 99.99%

Servers Technology

HostingFuze Network  operates its own server specification model. All our servers are powered by DELL and HP high efficient blade servers and enclosures is what we deal with. All our server, backup, san setups, network routers and switches go through a monthly maintenance check.

Voxility The Network !

HostingFuze Network is Reseller Voxility for :

Download Test Files and Ping
HostingFuze Network Speed Test http://speedtest.hostingfuze.net

Compressed binary files served by out-of-box untuned Linux Nginx from an entry level server with a 10G card.

To avoid your test computer storage bottleneck use
wget -O /dev/null testlink

A network engineered for low latency, zero packet loss and great bandwidth availability

HostingFuze Network is reseller: Voxility LLC , Hetzner Online GmbH