Free DDoS Protected by Voxility, OVH Gaming & Hetzner

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HostingFuze Network is Reseller Voxility Anti-DDoS

Reseller DDoS Protection by Voxility

In other words, we rent or sell hardware, network equipment, Internet access and security services to those who are interested to have a serious online business. We do this in the unquestionable most interconnected, best datacenters on the planet.

We solve the requests of Internet industry's most knowledgeable companies

Are You Our Next Demanding Customer?

Telcos & Datacenters

My entire network needs protection against large DDoS attacks

We need better prices for transport to these datacenters

I want to expand and I need colocation and connectivity to local Internet Exchanges

I need 100Gbps of bandwidth tomorrow!

I only need 1-5U colocation in these hard-to-sign datacenters

We want to buy/rent this list of routers/switches

An easier way to cross-connect with others

Hosting Providers

I really need good prices to be able to make a profit

My customers want orders to be delivered yesterday

Free basic Anti-DDoS for my servers

I do not want to compete with my provider!

The Support should respond to my request immediately

Cloud Service Providers

I need fast custom-built servers in different regions

The network latency should be the same or better than big CDN providers offer

My projects require flexible billing (hourly up to 2-3 years for better prices)

Data security, including DDoS protection and off-site backup is important for me

I own the hardware and I want to expand in another region and I need service, colocation and internet because…


I only use enterprise-grade HP, Cisco, Fortinet and Dell hardware

You must provide better pricing than my corporation already has

Support must cover everything

Data encryption and security with off-site backup are paramount for me

You must be experts in disaster recovery/business continuity projects

DDoS Protection along with generic data security is very important for this project


My customer is interested to purchase upfront the installed hardware

The project is about gaining colocation access in flexible terms

We need expert support for hardware installation, cabling and network configuration

The customer might ask anytime for remote hands executed quickly

We might look for 2-3 years contracts for better pricing

HostingFuze Network is reseller: Voxility LLC , Hetzner Online GmbH