HitLeap is a Traffic Exchange service, which automatically delivers free traffic to your website.


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HitLeap – Website Traffic

HitLeap – Website Traffic is a powerful tool to attract new customers to your site!

  • Minutes are used to deliver hits to your website.
  • You can earn free minutes by running the traffic exchange on HitLeap Viewer.
  1.  The HitLeap Viewer Application allows you to participate in the Traffic Exchange and earn Minutes (Traffic) by viewing websites of other members.
  2. Your Minutes will be automatically used to show your Websites to people using the Traffic Exchange

How to register in HitLeap?

Register in HitLeap by clicking on this banner:

Register Hitleap

It’s simple

With HitLeap, everything is simple. You can earn free traffic or buy a traffic package from us. That’s all you need to do to increase your website traffic. If you should require any assistance, our Support team is always happy to help you out.

How to use HitLeap VPS?

Step 1: Add in RDP ip and port

hitleap vps only $5/mo

Step 2: add user and password

hitleap vps

Step 3: 2x click for open hitleap bot

hitleap website traffic

Step 4: enter your hitleap data

hitleap website traffic

It’s flexible

You can fully configure the traffic you will receive. For example, you can configure the Visit Duration and Traffic Source of the visitors. Discover the full power of HitLeap by signing up now.

Making Money with hitleap

The lofty ideals of a traffic exchange are corrupted through hitleap. They proudly display how 90+ billion links have been exchanged through their service, but they say nothing about the quality of their traffic. That’s because most everyone on the site is using this routine to make money.

  • First they set up an account with a referral payment service, which earns them money when a user clicks to their page. Payment for display ads is the typical source of income here.
  • Second, they run the link through AdFly to shorten it and earn them extra money whenever a user comes through.
  • Third, they submit their affiliate AdFly link to HitLeap. Once the system approves it, their link is in the system.
  • Fourth, they run HitLeap Viewer to automatically rack up minutes, typically overnight while their computers are otherwise idle. Some people will even run the viewer on a dedicated machine or in the background 24/7.
  • Fifth, they spend their minutes on hitleap, knowing full well the traffic coming in is from bots. They don’t care, because bot traffic hitting their AdFly link is making them money, and bots clicking through to their main display site is earning them money. Even if no one ever buys their affiliate products, they still earn cash, a penny at a time.
  • Sixth, they start it all over again when hitleap removes their link, AdFly blocks their account or their affiliate drops them for using bot traffic.

hitleap claims to be AdSense safe, meaning you could potentially plug in your legitimate Google links into the system. They are able to cloak their traffic to appear as though it’s coming from legitimate sites. Is it actually, or is it cloaked? That’s a question only the insiders could answer.