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I. The VPS service is fully managed at all times. The support team is responsible for the overall VPS Node and this is pro-actively monitored. However, individual processes running on the VPS are not the support team’s responsibility. The support team is only responsible for software supported by the offered control panels. This is done on a reactive basis (when we are informed) and not on a proactive basic (where we automatically check)

II. All VPS accounts go through a fraud verification process. We set up the VPS in about two to three hours from the time of the account being verified as genuine. The setup process involves automation as well as manual work. This is done in order to ensure that each VPS is setup exactly as per the customer’s order without any errors.

III. While customers do have an option of signing up for a plain VPS (without control panel), we generally recommend a control panel to manage and operate the VPS. All customers who have a plain VPS would have to configure the DNS, user accounts, mail accounts and other such activities pertaining to the configuration of such VPS’ themselves. The support team will not be responsible for this.

We also recommend Virtualizor. Virtualizor comes with Virtualizor Power Panel which allows the customer to manage their VPS & also perform administrative functions including rebooting the vps, back-up, repairing, formatting, process management, resource management & many other things.

IV. Migration of data is done from the old vps (with your previous hosting provider) to the new vps (bought from us) only if the previous VPS has CPanel or Plesk on it. For all VPS, without a control panel, the support team will only move the website files. All the other databases, emails and any other data will have to be moved by the user.

V. Delegation of IP Whois is not done for small blocks of two, three or four IP’s. A customer, if he so wishes would have to buy a full /24 subnet after which IP Whois delegation can be done.

VI. All third party applications and software (not provided by HostingFuze Network), are the customer’s responsibility. The VPS team would only help in the installation of such applications, programs and software. Configuring them is the customer’s responsibility. The support staff would also not be responsible for any issues or damages which might occur on account of using these programs. The support team will attempt to troubleshoot & resolve these problems, but is not responsible for final resolutions of such issues. The support team will only install third party applications when they are not busy with other support issues. Third party applications are given a lower priority rating.

VII. If a customer wishes to switch from a Linux based VPS to a windows VPS, we only move website files. All the other files & data have to be moved by the customer.

I. A Linux VPS has two kinds of memory.
-> Guaranteed RAM – This is the amount of memory that is allocated for your VPS. This is dedicated (reserved) for your VPS and will be available at all times.

II. A Windows VPS get “Guaranteed RAM” and “Equal Share Of CPU”.
-> Equal CPU Share – The VPS gets to share any available CPU over and above their allocated CPU resources, if available. However, the share depends on the plan you are on.

III .A VPS is a virtual partition. As the term itself suggests, it’s an artificial partition created on a BIG hardware node. This means that physical accessories like sound cards, video cards, speakers, monitors etc cannot be attached to it.

IV. While a VPS is a cheaper option compared to a dedicated server, it can never replace a dedicated server in itself. A VPS is not recommended to be used as game-servers or intensive streaming servers. This will be a major performance hindrance. Heavily resource intensive programs & applications including Java (JDK), Tomcat & other such heavy applications are best used on the higher VPS plans. We always recommend that these applications should not be used together with other programs as the VPS will run out of resources. Generally speaking, any CPU intensive application is not suited for a VPS.

V. If customers feel the need to have more resources on their VPS in terms of disk-space or RAM, they will have to upgrade to the next higher plan. We do not increase these limits as it disturbs the balance and the configuration of the hardware node. The only resource which can be increased or decreased is Bandwidth.

VI. The support team will not be responsible for damages or issues arising from the following such activities; upgrading kernel, OS, running windows updates and external software like firewalls and anti-virus. Service Pack 2 can not be currently installed on a Windows VPS.

VII. Backups are the responsibility of the customer. The VPS support team take a weekly backup of the entire node but the integrity of the backup can not be verified until restoration. This is ONLY used in case something goes wrong on our end with a server node. We can not individually restore a VPS from this backup. These backups will not include any media file which may be stored on the virtual machine, flash files would be the only such data which would be included in the backups. Backing up media files would not be HostingFuze Network’s responsibility.

VIII. Users may send a maximum of 500 emails per hour. If there are mailing lists which are bigger than 500, the user would have to divide it.

IX. If a particular VPS is found to be consistently using the burstable RAM available or exceeding the resource limits, it could be suspended. The support team will send an email to the concerned user in this case.

Cloud VPS 100% Uptime SLA Terms

Exceptions to the 100% uptime SLA on Cloud VPS are :

I. If your VM exceeds hard resource limit and faces any performance issues, or your VM restarts because of insufficient resources.

II. If guest OS restarts internal VM services like httpd, named, cPanel, spamd, mysql, exim then this is because of high resource usage. Control panel updates or any other guest OS issues are also not included in our 100% uptime SLA.

III. If your VM restarts because of installation or use of a third party application/software.

IV. While uploading data on Windows VM, if any virus or malicious scripts is uploaded and subsequently causes issues on your VM.

You are always welcome to configure internal VM services or control panel but you cannot blame our uptime SLA. We can provide VMware logs and your VM resource usage graphs which will explain your resources usage and VM status.

I. Technical support is available 24x7x365 through live-chat, trouble tickets & telephone. However, only very basic issues can be addressed over the phone.

II. Live-Support is available at all times for any / every issue that a customer may have. However, the VPS team may request an email sent as part of the authentication process, where they deem it to be necessary.

III. All trouble tickets raised and emails sent will be responded to within an hour. If there is a need for further investigation, the customer will be informed accordingly.
In case of abuse or cyber attacks, we allow access to servers to eliminate the cause! Following this decision, you agree to continue purchasing a vps server from us.

IV. For issues which have to be forwarded to SW-Soft, cPanel or any provider of the software and applications which HostingFuze Network provides, it won’t be possible to estimate a time frame of resolution. It completely depends on the severity of the issue and the response time of the provider. Customers will receive updates on these issues.

V. While HostingFuze Network does have a community forum where customers can express their views, you will have to raise tickets or approach live support for the technical staff to attend to your problems. This is the fastest way of getting the attention of the support team. We regard the forum to be a channel which facilitates discussion, exchange of views and ideas. It is not designed to be a support board.

HostingFuze Network reserves the right to modify / change the rules and guidelines at all times.

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