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Budget Voxility Dedicated Server

Low cost Anti-DDoS Dedicated Server by Voxility Romania DataCenter

VOXILITY DEDICATED SERVER 1Tbps Anti-DDoS, 10 Gbps /port, Unmeter @ 1Gbps , Romania Datacenter Location, Windows/Linux/FreeBSD, Full Access ROOT, DDoS Protection

voxility dedicated server hosting solutions configured to fit the exact needs of your organization.

Voxility Dedicated Server

  • 24/7 On-Site Dedicated Server Technicians
  • Fixed Lifetime Pricing (No Billing Surprises)
  • SSAE 16 / SAS 70 Certified, PCI Compliant Data Center
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • No Contracts
  • Best Hardware/Service/Price Value Guarantee
  • Self Managed and Fully Managed Available
  • Complete ServerPronto Advantage

What is a Smart Server?

Basically, dedicated smart server technology is the combination of a third party bare-metal physical hosted server combined with virtualization technology that offers your business the best of both technologies. By hosting on dedicated smart servers, your business is guaranteed the privacy and security that is comparable to hosting your network in-house.

Your server is solely your own and can be configured specifically to fit your company’s needs. Ram, storage, software and operating systems are customized to your unique specifications. By adding a layer of hypervisor technology, you gain all of the benefits of cloud computing including remote management and monitoring, instant scalability, automated backup, and mobile computing benefits while running on single-tenant hardware.

Access to a smart server control panel allows you reboot and reimage your server, install a custom OS and even boot from a CD as well as monitoring bandwidth and CPU usage and more. Dedicated smart servers allow you to:

•  Automate backup and capture on-demand snapshots of your server

•  Scalability and upgrades are immediate, convenient, and one-click away

•  Fully dedicated – your server is yours alone, no shared hosting ever

•  Take advantage of enhanced security including adding an extra layer of firewall protection and data encryption

• High disk input, output and throughput – dedicated server technology s perfect for handling high I/O applications without compromising speed or performance.

• Remote VNC access from anywhere in the world with Internet access

Dedicated smart server technology is the next step in the evolution of cloud computing. Hosting your business on dedicated smart servers gives you the security and privacy of a internal network with all of the benefits of cloud computing. If your business is using more mobile technology or has adopted a “bring your own device” policy, dedicated server technology can tie all of your IT needs into one manageable platform.

Add bandwidth, RAM or CPU processing remotely and immediately with a mouse click. Scale up or scale down as your needs require all with no upfront capital expense for hardware, software and tech support. Migrating your business IT to a dedicated smart server makes good business sense.

smart dedicated server voxility - free ddos-protectionsManagement Layer. This allows managing your server through your Virtual Control Panel.”

A Smart voxility dedicated server is the next generation of dedicated servers bringing cloud computing advantages to the dedicated server and eliminating cloud computing resource limitations. Every Smart voxility dedicated server has a dedicated Processor, RAM and own Hot-Swapable HDD Mirror RAID Array. All this guarantee you security and reliability.

Our servers are fully redundant and infrastructure optimized for maximum uptime without the worry of having to monitor your server. We provide fully optimized and secured servers that offer full root access. The best thing about our Smart Servers, you get all these additional features – power and flexibility at no additional charge.

What makes Smart voxility dedicated server a high power machine?
A Smart server has its own RAM, CPU cores and very own Hot-swappable HDD Raid array.

Why can we offer a lower price for Smart voxility dedicated server?
Automation. Because the Smart Servers are highly automated, they require less time spent by our administrators for setup and maintenance. Less manual work = lower price.

Dedi Smart 1

  • RAM : 8 GB
  • CPU : 8 vCore
  • SSD : 1x 128 GB
  • OS: Linux
  • 1Tbps Anti-DDoS
  • Full Root Access
  • Backup
  • License *

Dedi Smart 2

  • RAM : 8 GB
  • CPU : 8 vCore
  • SSD : 1x 256 GB
  • OS: Linux
  • 1Tbps Anti-DDoS
  • Full Root Access
  • Backup
  • License *

Dedi Smart 3

  • RAM : 8 GB
  • CPU : 8 vCore
  • SSD : 1x 512 GB
  • OS: Linux
  • 1Tbps Anti-DDoS
  • Full Root Access
  • Backup
  • License *

BareMetal Dedicated

  • RAM : 8 GB +
  • CPU : 8 Core +
  • SSD : 1x 120 GB +
  • OS: Linux/Windows
  • 1Tbps Anti-DDoS
  • Full Root Access
  • RDP/ILO/Management
  • License *

Smart Dedicated Server

Power by Intel E5- 8 Core Processor

VDS is power by the fastest Intel Xeon E5 processor Family , 8 Core 16 Thread Processor. This is to bring you faster experience to load your system. The maximum core for Smart Dedicated Server is 32 Core per Smart Dedicated Server, it will be come most powerful machine in the market and even more faster then Bare Metal Dedicated Server

Dedicated Resources

Resources in Smart Dedicated Server is fully dedicated, Processor core, RAM, Bandwidth are dedicated to specific SDS that customer purchased. There is no sharing of resource. Thus performance will be guaranteed.

Customized & Manual ISO Installation

Yes, if our O/S Image cannot meet your need, We have pre-loaded ISO, and you can do manual installation at your own conveniences. You can request us to upload ISO if you found that installation ISO is not in the list that we provide.

One-Click O/S Reinstallation

If you are impatient with manual installation, the Smart Dedicated Server  system are equip with One Click O/S Reload Features, You can re-install it with pre-installed O/S Template.  This is the fastest way to get the Smart Dedicated Server up and running without need to go through manual customization and installations.

Support latest Windows and Linux OS

Smart Dedicated Server is tested with latest Windows Server, and most of the Linux Operating System includes Ubuntu . You can spin up your Smart Dedicated Server with Latest Windows or contact us for Free Installation. * Price No include license for OS

Integrated Remote Reboot & KVM Console

You can reboot at your own with your own, and viewing the KVM Console at the Client Area without need to send us a request.

Voxility dedicated server Hosting in Bucharest, Romania

Order Voxility Dedicated Server start from $100/mo + FREE 1Tbps DDoS Protection

Do you need a dedicated server in Voxility Romania DataCenter ? Do not hesitate to contact us. You get free 1Tbps + ddos protection. by Voxility or you can choose for colocation service.

Regional Connectivity. We pay premiums Most of your website visitors are customers serviced by large telecom operators in their home countries. These operators ask for premium fees to open their networks for access within their home markets. Voxility pays those premiums, so you have a choice: you can always reach your visitors via an IP transit provider—with an additional 30-100 ms lag time— or you can work with us and have a low latency toward your visitors.

IP Exchanges. 700 direct ISPs Smaller regional ISPs and some distant large networks exchange traffic in regional public Internet exchanges, like DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, Equinix, HKIX, Balcan-IX, etc. Voxility routers and servers are located in the same buildings where these Internet exchanges are housed. We are connected with more than 700 ISPs and over 230 Gbps in all cities in which we operate.

Direct access to China Get 5-20ms from Hong Kong to China through Voxility’s network.This is a rare high quality route you can hardly find. Don’t trust other providers, traceroute your Asian customers from inside their networks and compare with ours.

Technology. High-End Switches and Routers All servers are connected to switches built for high-frequency trading and iSCSI storage with huge buffers. These are the ultimate Ethernet access switching devices. Each of our Core routers have 1,2Tbps installed routing capacity and we have at least two in each datacenter. Cisco Edge routers assures the best interoperability while providing stable BGP and protective ACL’s.

Hardware & Network

All Dedicated Services are provisioned to the latest in server hardware including Dell PowerEdge servers and our balanced network is powered by Cisco Systems Network Equipment.

  • Dell PowerEdge
  • Cisco NetApp
  • Fault Tolerant RAID Disk Arrays

All housed in a state-of-the-art data centers powered by Voxility. Redundant network infrastructure and multiple bandwidth providers ensure your server is always connected.

Support & Backups

Backups you can count on and 24/7 Support 365 Days a year!

  • Phone, Chat and Email
  • Server Monitoring and Patching
  • Integrated and Automated Full System Backups

All housed in a state-of-the-art data center powered by Voxility. Redundant network infrastructure and multiple bandwidth providers ensure your server is always connected.

Up to 1Tbps anti-DDoS Protection that Works with Any Application

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